Guilty pleasure: Prize Package Chili Dog

We all have our guilty pleasures. I have several. One such guilty pleasure is the famous or infamous (depending on who you speak to) chili dog from Topeka’s Prize Package.


I have loved these chili dogs from when I was a little boy. The taste always reminds me of when I was young. The chili tastes like a Hormel hybrid and the hot dog is a nice boiled hodgepodge of meats but put that together and you get a tasty chili dog!
despite what some detractors may say this to me is the cornerstone of guilty pleasure foods!

Papa Kenos

After a following my self imposed 30 day boycott of all new restaurants and finishing my other self imposed lent abstaining from meat it is now time to get back to eating all kinds of foods today this foodie has the pleasure of having papa kenos!

This establishment next to best buy on Wanamaker serves a good tasting pizza pie that’s a big as your face or at least that’s how their slogan goes!

On two occasions I stopped in once in my red meat and pork fast and once after I had the bbq chicken and the lunch special with sausage and beef.


The pizza is delicious if you are looking for a big pizza slice for a fair price this is the place. From the sauce to the dough, to the cheese and seasonings this pizza is inspired by the large New York style pizza and lives up to the Empire States ambitious precedent.

To quench your thirst papa kenos serves boulevard ales and beer, tea and my favorite the multi-choice coke machine to create your own drink combo!

This foodie recommends papa kenos when you need a pizza fix in a big way! Go big with papa kenos or go home and take some pizza with you!

Pros: big slice, big taste big flavor
Cons: size! if you are a person who eats small you may want to split a slice with a friend or take the rest of your slice to go!



Review: Momson Indian Grill

The first foodie review entry is the new Monsoon Indian Grill in Topeka, Kansas. This Indian restaurant is a small space with potential. For my meal I had the Lamb vindaloo served with jasmine rice and a side of garlic naan flat bread


THE MEAL: I asked for spicy since spice is the variety of life! My meal was not as spicy as I had expected since i have some Indian food that packed some heat with the spice. With the subtraction of being spicy this colorful dark red vindaloo sauce was delicious! I normally go for the Chicken tikka masala since that to me is cornerstone of an indian restaurant but I took a different path. The lamb portion of the vindaloo was tender the bite size morsels were are treat to the palate! The garlic naan flat bread that we had on the side for sopping up the sauce was a treat not too over powering. I joked that it could have been used as a pizza crust to make a hybrid vindaloo pizza. The unwelcome surprise were the potatoes that were secretly hiding in my meal! If you like potatoes you will find these pieces of white gold in your vindaloo as a treat. If you, just like me, don’t like potatoes, you will find these white saboteurs as an uninvited guest to a good meal. The jasmine rice that accompanied my meal was had a good hint of jasmine to it. The white steamed rice was just right not to mushy and not too crunchy. It was in the sweet spot of where rice should be served.

BAD: The bad part if my visit was the wait time granted I went on a Saturday evening but we had to wait for every thing. I had to wait to be seated had to. I had to wait for the server. I had to wait for the server to bring water. I had to flag someone down to give me a refill of water. The food was the only thing that seemed to not take so long but, with my food not being spicy and waiting for my ice to melt to get something to drink and only one water refill, the service was the low part of the evening. Only saw waitress 3 times: once to order, another to deliver meal and lastly to drop off check. The person that seated us had the nerve to ask if the food was worth the wait? Umm…no!

FINAL THOUGHTS: If you have never tried Indian food my question is what are you waiting for? I would say this is a good Indian restaurant to get your taste buds started on enjoying a taste of India. For my vegetarian friends out there, this restaurant is very vegetarian friendly with many dishes to serve your diet needs. This restaurant is small and quaint. I would say it will be good place to to take a dinner date. However, I would not recommend going on a when they are busy the waiting and the service has the potential to make a good meal not as good.

Food: a solid B+!
Service: F. Unfortunately, there were long waits only one water refill durning meal.
Combined: C. Good food but bad service. Go early or make reservations